Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Messiah is GOD Himself: Why I no longer believe in the doctrine of the trinity

Hear Israel, the LORD our God, The LORD is one.

I'd been a trinitarian most of my Christian life, and had never much considered whether or not it was true-I just accepted it because it was taught to me. In a recent meeting of fellow believers someone (who believes in the trinity) pointed out to me that the doctrine of the trinity isn't mentioned in scripture. I put the thought aside for a while but then I began to think about it more closely. But something kept gnawing at me: I had to acknowledge that I could no longer believe in any doctrines that are man-made, no matter what the social pressure or the tradition. If it isn't supported clearly by God's word, I must reject it.

My first step was to read this Stanford history of the doctrine of the trinity. It's about as objective a history on the subject as one can find. The main takeaway for me is that the doctrine appears quite late. It isn't as if it appeared in the first century, immediately after Jesus' death. Given this, it seems suspect to me right off the bat. I don't trust man-made doctrines and the pain they have inflicted is a wound on all humanity, which has caused damage to Jews especially. Reconciliation of all this trouble is part of God's plan. For more on this see my book.

Another influential reading for me was this page, which I highly recommend.

And the following video has also made a big impact on my thinking and beliefs about the doctrine of the trinity, though I'm puzzled why the One For Israel site has blog posts supporting the trinity.

Another video which well illustrates the confused thinking about the trinity is here.

And yet another video which well illustrates the reasoning why the LORD is our Savior is here.

It seems to me that the doctrine of the trinity emerged (and is maintained) because man looks for a way to understand God and His power, which is of course not understandable by us humans. The LORD sends His Spirit to us and He came to us in the flesh, as Jesus, that is, Yeshua. Some seem to think that the LORD cannot manifest Himself on the earth, or that in order for the Messiah to operate, while the Spirit is also operating, that God must therefore be split up into 3 co-equal parts. But isn't this an affront to the LORD and His great powers? Certainly, God can do anything which He chooses to do. He has told us many times in scripture that He is capable of anything. Shouldn't we listen?

So, I humbly ask you, if you believe in the doctrine of the trinity, please examine the passages that are used to support the doctrine. Ask yourself if this is what the LORD is really saying to us. Certainly, many passages can be used to support the doctrine, and many are. But hasn't the LORD told us many times that He is One and that there is no other besides Himself? Is the LORD vague about important things? Why didn't Yeshua mention the trinity, if it's true? Why did He underscore God's oneness in Mark 12? Why didn't Jesus' disciples discuss this or have arguments about it? It certainly can't be said that the doctrine was there all along, the history doesn't support that notion.

Since coming to the realization and change of belief that the LORD manifests Himself however he chooses; that He sends His Spirit upon and into people and onto the world; and that He came to be among us as our Messiah, I have felt a heavy weight and burden lifted off of my shoulders. You might call it relief of cognitive dissonance, because there was always something in me deep down which questioned the doctrine of the trinity. But not, mind you, because I question Yeshua's divitiy. It is more that I question that men have tried to force upon the LORD some concept of His operation which He neither has spoken about, nor needs.

In summary, the LORD is one and He manifests himself however He chooses, whenever He wants to. It isn't our job to try and put God into a conceptual box if our feeble human minds cannot comprehend how He does all that He does.

He has told us and we should listen:

"I am the first, and I am the last; and besides me there is no God." Isaiah 44:6 

"I myself am the LORD. Besides me, there is no savior." Isaiah 43:11

"Isn't this because you are mistaken, not knowing the Scriptures, nor the power of God?" Mark 12:24

The Messiah is indeed God Himself.

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