Thursday, October 27, 2016

Areligious, but not atheist

It may seem strange to some: I consider myself to be Areligious, but not Atheist.

That is to say, I believe in the One True and Living God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. And I believe that Jesus/Yeshua is Messiah, the manifestation of the Living God on earth. And, as I've said before and in Turn to HIM, I don't believe that Jesus came to set up a new religion. Rather, he came to end all religion. 

I follow certain religious practices, it's true: lighting Sabbath candles; kissing my wife and daughter and blessing them as we embrace each other (on those nights when we're not having a row about something trivial...we're not saints); I pray; I fast sometimes; I've tried my best to observe the LORD's special days. But I don't feel that I have to do these things as though my life or salvation depends on it. I don't feel (as I did when I considered myself a Christian and was under the willing yoke of 'the church') that God is nitpicking everything I do to death. Nor do I feel ridiculously self-important as though God is depending on my every little move to make sure that His Kingdom is brought about and that it all somehow depends on me. Granted I do believe He wants me to behave according to His will-I don't believe one can just do whatever one wants. But there's a reason to everything that God does, and a reason for everything that He has spoken to us through His Word.

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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Why I left the church; or: It's not you, it's me, except that it's a lot you

For whatever reason, for whatever it is worth, I feel compelled to put these things down. I get the feeling that many others have had similar feelings.
  • I can no longer adhere to, believe, or go along with the many man-made doctrines which are un-biblical. This includes the doctrine of the trinity, replacement theology, the baptism of infants (which I never believed in), or the authority of the "church".
  • I can no longer worship under or near the symbol of the Chi Rho. Too many have suffered at the hands of those who have worn it. I'm also ambivalent about the symbol of the cross, and no longer wear it or have it in our home.
  • I can no longer think of myself as a Christian, in so far as I no longer believe that Jesus/Yeshua came to set up a different religion. And in so far as the so-called church (anglo catholic and roman catholic) have strayed so far in interpretation and practice from the Word that identifying as a christian is anathema to me.

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