Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The cancer in our midst

Most of us feel that the world is slowly but surely getting worse and worse, day by day. I sometimes think of this as the feeling of 'walls closing in on you from every side'. It's the sense of being boxed in and without any place to run and escape to. 

Take, for example, the terrorism which is everywhere and the destruction of Western society (in Europe especially) at the hands of migrants and jihadis. The news is an endless barrage of killings and injustice. Judges fail to adjudicate according to their oaths but favor holding up foreign legal systems. Outright violence and weak responses to that violence. Political leaders we hope will correct wrongs make inexplicable moves which seem to move us the proverbial two steps back.

Where does it all end? And where are we to run?

If I've sufficiently depressed you or you are already on the same page as I am in feeling a sense of despair, fear not. Because there is an answer, there is a place to run to. There is shelter.

His name is Yahweh and we are to fear (respect, revere, and be in awe of) Him and only Him. We  are to call on His mighty and holy name when we face troubles and we are to have faith that He will deliver us.

YHWH will give us the strength we need if we believe. He will save us in our time of trouble. He will instruct us and guide us by His Word. We need not fall into despair when we realize that the only One we should fear is Him.

And let us remember that YHWH favors life, but He also favors life which worships and exalts Him and His Name. He wants us to draw near to Him. He wants nothing to do with evil and expects all to repent and come to Him. Those who do not do so at their own peril. 

And as we meditate on these things we should remember that having too much respect for life can be a deadly thing. Cancer is a good example. In order to beat cancer, which destroys healthy cells, we must cut the cancer out or use treatments such as chemotherapy, or both, to kill the cancerous cells. And by doing so we will inevitably kill healthy cells as well. What would happen if we did nothing? All of the cells would die and the entire organism would die. Therefore we have to remember that we cannot allow a cancer to exist and to spread. We have to be strong and kill the cancer that is among us, the cancer that is destroying healthy cells.

We all know what this cancer is. It cannot be allowed to go unchecked.

Did YHWH not command the Israelites to take hold of the land and destroy those who were engaged in all sorts of evil practices such as child sacrifice? If Israel had not followed YHWH's commands, that 'cancer' would have spread among them. In fact, sadly, it did later and YHWH's wrath was immense.

Brothers and Sisters, we have everything to be hopeful for because we know the Almighty Yahweh Elohim and He loves us. We have a lot to repent for and we have a lot of work to do to be the best children we can be to Him. And we must recognize that as much as we love life we must also protect life, especially innocent life, by cutting out the cancer which is among us.