Recently Added Resources

My Name Forever - Excellent and detailed examination of the pronunciation of the Great Name.

His Name is Yawheh by Neil Snyder - I'd categorize this as must-read material for any believer.

The Torah's Goal - One for Israel's great book on the subject. Must-read material also.

Mishnah and the Words of Jesus - by Roy Blizzard.

Avner Valer's YouTube page and Website - Israeli believer in Yeshua who's been healed by reading Scriptures, amazing story and inspirational videos!

The other side of the cross – Great documentary about Yeshua (Jesus) from a Jewish perspective. Must watch.

"Rabbinic Judaism: The Theological System" by Jacob Neusner - This book makes clear how Rabbinic Judaism (esp. the 'Oral Torah') is a man made tradition which was born out of a reaction to the destruction of the second temple. Though JN doesn't set out to make that case, he does nevertheless.

Bible Scholars - You will learn a LOT from these articles. Well worth the time to read.

Resources from the book

One for Israel – Jewish believers who witness and answer rabbinic objections to the Messiah. Great resource for learning. Multiple language versions available of their videos. This video is a good place to start.

The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah – Alfred Edersheim’s very complete history.

YourPeople Shall Be My People – A good book by Don Finto detailing how Gentile and Jewish believers can and should be unified in worship of our Messiah.

The Jewish Festivals: A Guide to Their History and Observance – This is a great primer on the many Jewish festivals. The best part of this book is that it traces the festivals throughout history and shows how their observance has changed over time. Great learning experience.

An ecclesiastical history, ancient and modern – Online scanned version of this comprehensive work by Johann Lorenz Mosheim. In particular, pay attention to his detail on the influence of the Roman state and paganism on church tradition and practices. Page 179 onward details differences of observing the Lord’s death and resurrection between early believers.

Epistle of the EmperorConstantine to those Bishops who were not present at Nicea – This letter is of key importance. Pay close attention to Constantine’s remarks about ‘the Jews’. A damning comment on the origins of the church of Rome and most anglo-catholic tradition/doctrine. Here is another version of the same text (navigate to page 41). Remember this text the next time you are asked to affirm the Nicene Creed.

The works of Josephusonline – This is an online collection of the works of Josephus. Offers a detailed view of the world of 1st century Judaism, the destruction of the 2nd Temple, etc.

The Two Sabbaths of Passover – This page shows a chronology of Christ’s death and resurrection.

Reshit Katzir – Another page exploring the chronology of Christ’s death and resurrection.

Counting the Omer – Illustrates how Jewish people count Omer, including the tradition to begin counting the day after the Sabbath for the Feast of Unleavened bread.

Crucifixion Passover Date – A.D. 31 showing that Passover happened on what we would call Wednesday, April 25th. Based on astronomical data.

The Sabbath in the CatholicCatechism – Details the unscriptural Roman Catholic catechism’s handling of the Sabbath, on which most Protestant tradition is based.

How God Became King: TheForgotten Story of the Gospels – N.T. Wright’s excellent walk through the Gospels. More information about Wright and his books can be found on the N.T. Wright page.

The Pilgrims and the Anglican Church – Brief but harrowing account by William Deverell. Worthwhile reading for all believers. Persecution of those who question tradition has not limited to the Roman Catholic church.

World Messianic Bible – Freely online and in the public domain. Bible quotes in this work are from this Bible (except for the Lord’s Prayer).

Dr. Michael Brown – Dr. Brown’s series on answering toughest questions and objections to the Messiah. 

Discovering the Jewish Jesus – Rabbi Schneider’s ministry connects us to the Hebrew roots of the faith.

Real Christianity – William Wilberforce’s timeless classic and a large inspiration for this work. 

@Turn_to_HIM – Twitter Account, for information about this book and other resources.